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Train GIF Railyard

TrainGIF Railyard

Train GIF Railyard


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Updated Dec. 7, 2008

Click here to see more Santa Fe GIFs Train GIF's are small image files depicting various pieces of railroad rolling stock, equipment, buildings, bridges... in short anything you might need to build your own virtual railroad empire!

Click here to see more Burlington Northern GIFs Train GIF's are scale models of actual equipment, drawn to the ratio of one pixel per 8.5 inches by artists with a love for both railroading and graphics. GIFs from a variety of artists can be combined in a single scene and will fit together perfectly.

Click here to see more Northern Pacific GIFs Train GIF's can be animated and made to move across the page just like a real train. Locomotives can be combined with cars and track and arranged with buildings and scenery to build any scene imaginable.

Recent GIFs:

Click here to see more Milwaukee Road TrainGIFs  Train GIF's on these pages are created from photographs and equipment drawings and try to be as accurate as possible for the time frame indicated. Many variations existed and only a few are shown here... but, there's more to come!

You may use my drawings in your own scenes and pages. Please see copyright notice below.


Building TrainGIFs

Basic Shading Techniques

Scrolling trains in Internet Explorer (HTML)

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