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Wood Chip Gondolas

Updated April 18, 2004

Wood chip car images
Load Empty Car shown Series Type In use Updated
BN 585839 c.1997 BN 585800-585999 GTS ?-1997-2000-? 4/12/04
BN 585961 c.1997 4/12/04
BN 586118 c.1997 BN 586000-586299 GTS ?-1997-2004-? 4/17/04
BN 586902 c.1988 BN 586850-586999 GTS ?-1988-2004-? 4/15/04
BN 586953 c.2004 4/12/04
BN 587153 c.1988 BN 587000-587199 GTS ?-1988-2000-? 4/16/04
BN 587223 c.1993 4/18/04
BN 587348 c.1988 BN 587200-587399 GTS ?-1988-2000-? 4/15/04
BN 588854 c.1993 BN 588801-588869 GTS ?-1993-2000-? 4/13/04
(generic) GN 174200-174424 GTS 1967-2000-? 7/1/02
(generic) NP 119700-119999 GTS 1967-2000-? 7/1/02
NRLX 500022 c.2004 NRLX 500000-500059 GT ? 4/13/04

Woodchip Gondola Bibliography:

Official Railway Equipment Register, July 2000

Photos: David Cooley, Tony Hill

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